bennington, vt.

Monday, March 8, 2010

". . .but then I came and rescued her!"

My sweet Jack

I've mentioned Jack very little, but then what is there to say, except he is my 15 pound Knight, (Scottie), who is quick and has sharp white teeth.  He is smart, tireless and faithful to the end.

He has taken on a 6 foot man, who entered our house (without Jack's permission), and two Rhodesian Ridgebacks, who flew at me in (what could be construed) a menacing way.  Oddly enough, the Man, (with a large blood blister, administered through jeans and just south of the "family jewels"), bragged about this little dog to everyone we knew, and the Ridgebacks, (after 30 seconds on not being able to touch this black fury snapping at their bellies), thought retreat was the better part of valor.

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