bennington, vt.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"It is a long tail, certainly,"

Nice Niece Art

Last night, for my Birthday, my Niece read to us three tales, (tails?), of "Baby Mouse."  Actually, it was good we didn't have video phone . . . I hope she didn't hear when Grandpa started to snore.


painted maypole said...

She wants to be as artist and look! she's already on the internet! ;)

if it were video phone you could at least look at the pictures in the comic book she's reading you.

Alice said...

Yes, but then we would also see the look on Daddy's face as he realized how late it was and frantically tried to get her off the phone and ready for bed BEFORE Mommy got home.

Grandma and I were rolling on the floor laughing, so on the video, we wouldn't have looked very "dignified."

painted maypole said...

now the secret it out! ;)