bennington, vt.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

looking-glass house

We left my Mother's condo for Vacation, we had just survived sewage issues.
the first load of clothes turned into a combination doing the laundry and cleaning the basement floor with THE sudsy water.

the septic
time to start digging a hole so they can drain the septic tank.
yes, those are YARD sticks . . . the concrete weight in the fore-ground sits atop a square steel cover

I looked at it as an opportunity to plan location for the 3 season porch I would like to put in some day

. . . continuing on from our duplicate sewage issues . . . while we were home, some idiot decided to rob the local bank June 6th.  Let me clarify idiot . . . he left the bank in a truck described by the Police as flamboyant.  Red and Orange pickup with a Blue tarp in back, Orange Light Bar on top of the cab, and Silver Paint splashed along the bottom.  He was caught the same day in the next town.
Here, July 3, some guy decided to wave a gun in the Meijers, 'round the corner, full of employees, shoppers, construction workers and rob the in-store bank.  They got a straight on full face picture of him suitable for framing.  3rd strike, by the way.

Where was I . . . oh yeah, supposedly, vacation!
coming and going

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