bennington, vt.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

horse on wheels

Thought this was going to be the best we could do
We over heard the Welcome Center people mention that the Team would be practicing in the lots as their first public outing in an hour
Mom walked with her cane across a closed off parking lot  and as far up the roadway as she felt up to.  I carried lunch and the folding chairs.  We found a nice spot under a shade tree, ate lunch and waited for the "parade"

I moved closer to make sure they were really going to come down.  I returned and assured her they would be coming along shortly.
The Nebraska girl, 
who I thought would enjoy the horses, 
only wanted to know if 
The Dog was there!
  He posed constantly and he ruled the roost.  He tapped the drivers on the shoulder to shift them around according to where he wanted to go or sit

followed by the Clean-up Patrol

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