bennington, vt.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

always tea-time

We planned a 2 week sojourn to my Home in New England.

A 740 mile trip certainly cut into my learning curve on a new vehicle.  Nothing like now or never on learning features, how to pack it, and what fits and where for access!  I do like the new Escape.

Home chores topped the list, with the usual projects in opening a house that's been closed for the "season."

  1. stain the newly installed side entry
  2. call about replacing the side doors (solid and storm) 
  3. prime the affected side of the house
that last one . . . I sooo sounded like a nurse.

before ANY repairs . . . I was redoing the trim last year before the rip-out and replacement of the driveway
the trim looks good . . . they will find 8 feet of sill rotted . . . I knew the high probability of this

looks like a deck . . . dark gray composite floor and banister

tah-dah, a Porch . . . still need to prime the wall
I did get those done, despite other set-backs yet to be mentioned.  NewPro, just called to say the doors are in . . . called my beloved neighbor . . . Hooray, a door that doesn't let the winter breeze in!

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