bennington, vt.

Friday, March 8, 2013

In Spring,

A sure sign of Spring . . .

my walking around outside without a coat and with bare feet . . .
oh yeah, never mind, that's NOT a sign of spring . . . only when the uproar diminishes, is it a sign of Spring!
taking out the trash
Robins are not a sign of Spring, since I see them all winter long, (and there is NOTHING funnier, then a Robin on a Suet Feeder).

Now a Red Winged Blackbird singing from the top of a tree . . . THAT is Spring!

I've never seen one trying to eat from a bird feeder before this week.  It is probably a little early for the usual bugs.

Another sign of Spring, my Mother yelling at the Mourning Doves raiding the bowl of seed on the deck.  She believes they have no right to the food that should be for the Cardinals.
last January
I hear my New England Home has another 12 inches with the snow still flying.  Sounds like the coast has two more High Tides to worry about!  I guess I am fortunate my house is inland amongst the hills . . .
Thank goodness for wonderful Neighbors,
one set
in particular!
Thank You
Tom and Konnie

Hang in there my Friends, Spring really IS supposed to be coming!


Rudee said...

I don't believe Spring will ever get here, though I'm really looking forward to the weather breaking. You picked another good year to miss Winter in New England, didn't you? Your neighbors sound wonderful!

GDad said...

I love seeing the redwing blackbirds.