bennington, vt.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Imagine her surprise

At the end of January, Mom's church voted  by questionare ballot, Woman of the Year.  She then goes to a Southwestern Michigan Luncheon to name THE Woman of the Year for the area.
Thank you very much

At least two somebodies voted for me.
I was the fourth nominee,
Even though I'm not a member of this Church.



Rick Robb said...

You must be somebody pretty special then, Alice! :~)

Alice said...

thanks Rick.

GDad said...

What an honor!

Alice said...

Yes, and HUGE surprise too.
The presenter admitted that I was not a member during the presentation, (which I think many in the congregation forget),
and later told me that she had voted for me as did several others who knew better.
WOW and Gee-Whiz.