bennington, vt.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

thick and fast

February has just about run me over
in it's insane effort to get to March.
Every time I think I'm going to have a chance to write,
something else happens!

I had hoped to get the two of us, (dogs too), back to New England, especially since we were only able to spend 4 days at my house in November.

This is not going to happen this month!!!!
This week alone, BOTH cars were in the shop at the same time!
Last week Friday, I intended to bring in Mom's car for "recall" work  . . . instead, I found it dead as a doornail.  (snow storm, so I know there is no point in bothering AAA)  Honest, I use it for all my errands and had just driven it the night before . . . and NO I did not leave something ON.
So I take mine instead, since I know it has issues.  The dealership is backed up with cars from the previous day and they will take it, but will not even look at it until late afternoon.  (My brother, who had an actual appointment, brought his in to another dealership, watched as those without appointments were turned away.  They were also completely backed up.)  Knowing they close at 6pm, and the likelihood of getting it back that day, I passed and took an appointment for Monday.
Monday, they are still backed up, but at least I know my Brother's family has two working cars should there be a need.
Tuesday afternoon, I call AAA for a jump, thinking I will bring in Mom's car and be able to come home with mine.  Mine had sooo much wrong with it, (it is 12 years old), that it still wasn't going to be done until the next day.        They gave me a loner and apologies,
"but we want to do this right."
Wednesday, both cars were done by 11:30 am.  Commence the car shuffle to get theirs back and both of ours home!
That night I couldn't get the dryer to work.  I began to laugh hysterically.  Mom looked ready to cry, because I had clearly
gone 'round the bend.
Mind you, the dishwasher died last week, and the new one is supposed to be installed next week.
I've already replaced the coffee pot and the toaster.
I want a refund on February!


GDad said...

At least it's the shortest month.

Judy said...

Here's hoping that March comes in like and lamb and goes out like a lamb!

Rudee said...

I'd say it's not your month for conveniences. It's not been ours, either.