bennington, vt.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

suddenly appeared again

Do I look like General MacArthur?

I have returned. 

It's been a busy few months.
I was arranging contractors for my house's foundation, structure, and driveway.  
painting trim . . . precariously
Gone!  one disastrous porch and weedy driveway.
Oh yes, DIRT much better.
two tons of too small porch . . . outa here
I was painting portions of the house that didn't need repair, searching for my front garden, reconnecting with beloved friends, and back at work full time.  (I had just made my 6 month evaluation-excellent and was now eligible for the vacation/sick time I had been accruing.)
Mom was getting healthier, and with Dad having moved on, her blood pressure was returning back to her (low) normal.

Did I mention that two of her anti-arrhythmia drugs lower BP also?

Do you see a problem?

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Rudee said...

Washing away the muddy bits? It looks nice!