bennington, vt.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Oct. 1st Mom and I travelled here by bus, with a church group.  Known for many things, it is best known as Northern Indiana's Amish Country.
We were fortunate to arrive in time for the Annual Fall Arts and Crafts Fair.

This Lady was quite informative.  She WAS rather surprised and delighted when I asked permission to take her picture.  Of course she then proceeded to regale me with a tale of a photographer from the day before who very nearly fell into the loom, she was so intrusive.

Must have Farm animals at a fair!
Farm Implements

I'm not sure this is a farm implement
but I do like the cow bell under the seat.

I found the perfect gift for my kind neighbor who cares for my home.  I spotted the one I wanted from the multitude they had on display . . . using every kind . . . new, old, stainless steel, enameled, copper, and silver plate "pots", (tea, steam, coffee, etc.). 
I told the "Crafters," as I bought it from them, that the "pot" was going home. 
I explained that it was returning HOME.

they cut a hole in the bottom, punched holes in the kettle and the tray, then zip tied it all.  The bird seed goes in the top by taking off the lid.  Yes, it holds a LOT.
I guess I'm a New Englander now,
I recognise RevereWare in a glance.
I never lived anywhere long enough to be a part of anyplace 'til now.

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