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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Alice's health

Health Coverage
1.  Cobra is costing me approx. $700/month

So, short term health insurance sounded like a good idea!  Approx. $100/month in case of emergency.  Even better get it for Dec. and Jan. and that way I will be covered in case I have to wait for a job at home.

2.  Oh, but we couldn't cover you in New England! 
           But what if I was just "visiting?"
    Well yes, then it would.

Then I had to ask a STUPID question.  What your definition of "resident?"
(as in resident of Michigan!)
A drivers license.

3.  But I don't have a Michigan drivers license!
          (I never knew how long I was going to be here,
          I was all set to finally get one in May,
          then everything went downhill).
          Then we CAN'T cover you.

I'm covered when I WORK and with COBRA because they are "group" coverage . . . individual is quite different.

Ok, well maybe I can get short term from my Home state.
My Home state does NOT do short term insurance.

I do however, qualify for subsidised (regular) health insurance, in New England, because I am apparently at poverty level, (I've been out of work so much this year).  I would normally have to wait until June, but because of precipitating events, I can apply now.

4.  $305/month, but I would be IN until June, no matter what! 

I guess another $700 for December with COBRA, and pray I have a job and insurance in January.

cuz I probably won't have any savings left either . . . moving, gas, car insurance, new car title, license plate, groceries, etc. 

Sorry, I don't think I mentioned, Mom is giving me her 10 year old car, (since I gave my 10 year old junker to my neighbor to sell for all his goodness and troubles), and she will keep Dad's 5 year old car.


Rudee said...

It's all so heartbreaking. The insurance issues are back and budget breaking issues. I hope a solution turns up for you soon.

Alice said...

Yes, and people keep asking me about "Gov. Romney's" healthcare reform at Home . . . Hmmmmm

Judy said...

Ugh. Don't you just want to scream? Maybe that's what we all could do. Forget 'occupying' anything, just open up our doors and scream!