bennington, vt.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

an extraordinary thing

Christmas Cards 
Done  and  Mailed.


On the other hand, 

Gingerbread Houses are NOT my forte.

Why does the icing stick to what it's not supposed to and run off what it is supposed to stick to.  It turns to concrete before you can spread it and oozes from the seams you are trying to "glue."

Granted it was a Kit, but come on.
both have structural issues, no matter how often I fixed them

bleeding red and white!

in this case the red "hardened" so fast I had to push the sprinkles in

sorry, just NOT going there . . .
at this point I set it aside, and might try again later.

So now you have completely forgotten that I have already mailed ALL my Christmas Cards!

Feel better?

1 comment:

Rudee said...

Cute house! I've never made one, but now I'm tempted.

I can't believe your cards are out already!