bennington, vt.

Monday, October 24, 2011

time is worth

Mom and I have talked about my 2 years here. 
I ran to Michigan,
not knowing what

We've chosen to compare it to the Peace Corp.

2 years, little monetary compensation, away from my home, was able to help at least 3 families, had to learn a new language/ (geriatric medicine), different culture/ (trust me on this), and sometimes work in a war zone/ (3am work:  neighbors front door broken down/interview with sheriff's dept., 1am/3am/4am work:  shots fired, 12am work:   loud domestic disturbance on the other side of my patient's bedroom door, and of course Dad's "dementia/psychotic breaks".)

Everyone HERE keeps asking, but what about your Mother . . . what will she do without you, you can't leave?!!

Mom was opposed to my staying, until I finally got her to understand it was for Dad's care.  Yes, it was obviously going to KILL her if she kept on with him alone, and that's why I came, but, "for DAD" is the only way she would allow me to be here.

So now, it is time for us to get ready for me to
She will miss me.
I will worry about her.

. . . but my brother and his family are here, just a few towns over . . .
. . . and I
will still worry.
But I can't stay, she doesn't want it . . . (she cared for her mother-in-law for a year in our home . . . and it was HELL on earth for her and it has shaped her thinking), so I will go home, as she wishes.

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Judy said...

I am soooo glad to hear you will get to go home!