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Saturday, October 29, 2011

to dress up

Halloween Costumes
What was your best Halloween Costume?
What was your favorite Halloween Costume?
Some of my favorites have had to do with Haunted Houses I have helped with.  So those don't really count.
My best was not a Halloween Costume,
and we managed it without makeup.

I had made a very special Birthday gift for my Brother and I wanted to give it to him personally.
I also wanted to surprise him.  His birthday was on a Sunday.  Most of his congregation knew me on sight. 
This was going to require stealth.
My neighbor leaped at this project.  She produced a never used Silver Wig, orange flowered polyester blouse, large black canvas boat shoes, orange flowered scarf, large black wrap sunglasses, old wooden cane, and I provided the basketball socks,  long brown knit skirt, and cardigan sweater.  I also wore a cream colored hooded pantsuit underneath.
the guy next door, thought her mother had come to visit.
The hood gave me a hump and allowed me to hunch, the skirt gave me room to keep my knees bent, (I am 5'9").  I pulled the sleeves of the sweater over my hands and had Kleenex stuffed up them. 
I carried a canvas bag with my real shoes and the gift.

I was assisted up the stairs into the Church and to my pew by an usher who normally knows me.  Unnoticed, I carefully removed pieces of costume during the service.  The sermon was about waiting for the surprise God has for you.  I removed the glasses, wig, and scarf last in one movement.  My brother was one of the few who then noticed.  (the choir sits facing the congregation, so SIL and a friend also figured it out)  He was surprised.

The usher stomped up, and said, "IT IS YOU!"

Mission accomplished.

I really miss my neighbor, she was a wonderful Lady.  She was also the mother of the neighbor who is now taking care of my home.

My Dad used to embarrass my Brother when he would forget and wear his slippers to Church.  My older Brother and I always planned to find Bunny Slippers for my Dad and send him to attend my younger Brother's Church service.  Alas we never found ones he could safely walk in.

Showing up as a "bag lady" was my best effort, my older Brother was proud!

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