bennington, vt.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Really, my dear,

When they first started going on about employee of the month, I said,

"There is NO way in #%$$ I will ever be getting that!"
I tend to like consistency,
not something you usually have with an agency.
I also tend to be VERY outspoken.


Okay . . .
I am really
 shocked, flabbergasted, bewildered, flummoxed,
surprised, astonished, perplexed,
greatly appreciative
of this honor.

I think I worked 6 days in the month of June . . .
Just shut up and smile, Alice!
no, really
I Thank you!


Judy said...


Rudee said...

How nice for you to be recognized! Congratulations.

Alice said...

Some how I still can't wrap my brain around it.

Maybe someone brought "special" brownies to the management meeting.

Sue said...

Can I have that "special" brownie recipe? I know some attitudes that could use sweetening. ;>

Of course you deserve it, and more (maybe there was a brownie-induced mixup on the months, but what the heck, take it)! Congrats.