bennington, vt.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

come away

They should be coming to take me away . . .
. . .any moment now!

They've given notice, Dad loses PT next Friday.
He's deteriorated quite a bit.
We are considering bringing him home with Hospice.

Mom, whom I dragged, (kicking and screaming), to a sleep study, needs to have a second study with a CPAP machine.  She has been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea like the rest of us.  (I expect a dull rusty steak knife in my back, momentarily.)

My patient's Mom is trying to figure out how to keep her nursing team together if our Agency loses "Cred."  (she doesn't want to lose all the ground that we've gained with and for him and she worries about us . . . the Agency, not so much.)

The main sump pump still needs to be replaced.
Several other household repairs need to be done.
Mom has follow up appointments for dental and vision procedures.

On the Up side. . .
Next week
I may be able to get my benefits back on Friday,
Mom's pacemaker check
was pristine.

1 comment:

Rudee said...

You truly are sandwiched. Hospice will be able to bring quite a bit of care to the plan.

I wish you well, and hey, watch your back!