bennington, vt.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

shut again

Round and Round
believe it or not . . . leading water aerobics!

Haven't I been here before?
My patient is still in the Hospital
      I have had a month of No work
      I will REALLY be doing COBRA now
      No work, No Money, No insurance
Thank goodness
I haven't been working
Dad is still in the Rehab.
      He stand pivots for transfers
      He has taken a step  forward with PT
However . . .
He suddenly thought he could donate blood
       First off,
because of medication this is a . . .
       Second off,
they don't want it in
urinary bags
       . . . only in the Hospital for 3 days this time
My life?
I think I'm on at least Plan F by now!


Judy said...

Oh, no. This is not good.

Alice said...

Like I said, at least I'm not working and available right now.

Just trying to go with the flow . . .

Oh! that was bad!