bennington, vt.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

set to work

In theory my patient will come HOME
from the Hospital tomorrow at noon.
In theory I will be working tomorrow night.
Poor kid has been in since May 22.
He and his Family really need a break.

Not my usual day,
but I want to make sure
they get a good nights sleep
in their own beds.

OUR hospital hallway view . . . construction

1. excised necrotic tissue from Rt. heal
(cut out the dead stuff)
2. unblocked urinary catheter,
(took 3 flushes)
(5 hours of zero urine, suddenly >1000cc out)
3. Now they are going to have to
scope the bladder
(yeah, camera up the you know what)

I am soooo ready to go to work.

Just so I can think about something else for a while.

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