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Thursday, February 3, 2011

no jury or judge,

I love this sign, so apropos
January was a tough month.
Covering the one client . . . adorable,
the parents . . . not so much.
Then I get a letter mailed the 21st,
received the 22nd,
saying my benefits end the 22nd.
After everything, hmmm.   And it's a weekend, with no one to call.
Monday I called the HOME office,
"The COBRA packet is in the mail and it will be retro-active."
That afternoon, it did indeed arrive.
I immediately began filling it out, and called the # to check I was dotting ALL the i's and crossing ALL the t's.  To make sure it activated ASAP, I went ahead and mailed a check for an insane amount of money as recommended.
Ok, it's only for a month at most.  Right?

The next day, (Tuesday), I got the call to meet my new client, home from the hospital, (hooray).  Worked two nights right off, and went into the office with my paperwork Thursday. 
Mentioned to the HR person that I had received and sent in the COBRA paperwork along with a check.  I asked when I could get my benefits reinstated, since I did not want to keep paying THAT.
She said . . .
"You work full-time the next 2 weeks
 then call the next Thursday,
they will be reinstated . . .
it will be retro active to the 22!"

I kept mulling over this, and looked up my pay stubs on-line.
They are still tapping my pay for my inactive benefits.

Monday, I called the head office, and I was ping pong balled all over the place, until they finally transferred me to the Company doing our COBRA. 
the new Love of my Life!
"No problem, I have your check right here,
send me an e-mail with what you want . . .
and I will mail it right back to you."
I e-mailed
 and he e-mailed me right back. 
Gosh, that was easy

I will breathe normally now.

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