bennington, vt.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

very good indeed-

kissing frogs?
I like to think, as far as my profession goes . . .
I am
 very good at my job-
able to adapt to new situations-
excellent at problem solving-
alert to any shift in condition-

Traits, (I hoped), I would be able to translate into working for an agency and in the homes of pediatric patients.

Having worked 11pm-7am in Pediatric Long Term Care, I did work with some parents, but not many.  It was also, how should I say . . . "mutual turf."  I was well prepared for my patients, just not how to work in a family's home.
How to:
work quietly, (keep alarms to a minimum)-
work "clean" and not necessarily sterile-
stay awake in a dark quiet house of sleeping people-
be a "piece of furniture" in the intimacy of home life- 
and still maintain the priority of my patient-

Maybe too good . . .
My temporary position, covering for a nurse out sick, 
the family wants me to stay
instead of her coming back.

Excuse me, Mr. Recruiter, when exactly is MY NEW patient coming home from the hospital?

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miss eln said...

piece of firniture, that whould be a BIG trick 4 me. i m glan it is u.