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Sunday, August 29, 2010

like a dahlia,

Grandma E.

I have been told my Grandmother quilted.  Though she stopped with the advent of WWII, we have dozens of quilts of all styles and sizes.  I, one way or another, inherited most of them.

The most recent, (I received from my other Sister-in-law), had belonged to my older brother.  She even commented that it was on his twin bed when they started dating.  Lately it had been stored in a box in a basement for the last few years.

It was in a sorry state, mildew, dust, and some of the colors . . . the fabric had started to break down.  Nothing to lose, I washed it, carefullyI think I just heard someone scream.  You could now see the amazing colors! I then took it to a local quilt shop in N.E. to have the surviving bits made into something the family could each have a part of.  A memory of Grandma and my Brother.

the original 5 pillows created from the "good" sections, on another of Grandmother's quilts

The Quilter then attempted to make something of the rest of the quilt, which took considerable reinforcement.

2 more pillows and a new quilt

As you can see, the original was a VERY colorful quilt.  I know they told me what they thought the pattern was, but I don't remember now.  I thought she did well with what was only a twin size quilt.

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painted maypole said...

our pillows are being put to good use. :)