bennington, vt.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

for your delight--

Aye Capt'n

With his family away this weekend, Brother and I went to a Benefit Event . . . aye, and Pirates was the theme!  He went all out with a rental, I on the other hand, pulled together a Deckhand outfit. 

Detroit Fire Guild

We enjoyed the Magical manipulations, Acrobatic dancing, and Pyrotechnical demonstrations, by members of the Detroit Fire Guild.

Then, for the end, we saw the most amazing fireworks display!  Better then many 4th of July displays, either of us had seen!  WOW!


Sue Pelletier said...

I want to see deckhand photos! Looks like fun, and you deserve to have a little fun. Did you dress Jack like a parrot and perch him on your shoulder?

Alice said...

As usual, nobody thinks to take my picture.

Jack would have been happy to perch . . . but probably not so happy to dress up.