bennington, vt.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

squeeze me flat!

Looking forward/back . . . at the big/little picture

My Brother asked if I am happy to get my "room" back . . .

It's not really my room. not mine to decorate, furnish, no room for the few things I brought and technically . . . not legal.

I didn't worry about Mom and Dad when I was working, cuz' I knew he was there.

 I miss having him to commiserate with. (I see no co-workers and have had no chance to find friends.)
So yes . . . (I have a space, away from) . . . and no.


amanda said...

Hoping this all improves for all of you. I have been lurking on your site since Painted Maypole sent me over... It is an admirable thing you guys have done but I think the hardest on you being the presence in your parents house. Hang in there...

Alice said...

Thank you for your kindness and listening to me vent.

I still have a home of my choosing except it feels as if IT is a dream . . . soo far off and away. I miss my friends and my job, but someday I will return HOME.

Painted knew Hubby's job would cause them to move a bit, but they really thought they were going to get to stay in NOLA, and IT would be HOME. Alas.