bennington, vt.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

quite giddy.

coming and going

He's here,  I think.
His luggage is here!

Occasionally one of us will claim a sighting, but it's sort of like spotting Big Foot . . . was it real, or did I only imagine it?

New church, new congregation, new synod, new office, and lots of "meet and greet" with parishioners, and local clergy.  Very busy, and rarely here, except to sleep.

All this, while basically living out of suitcases in my room . . . in the basement . . . and his own family so far away.  He seems to be very happy with the job/church, but he suffers with missing his family.  I know they suffer too.  Please, please, please that house needs to sell, now. 

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