bennington, vt.

Friday, December 21, 2012

bird or beast

I have a bird feeder book 
at home
that identifies birds 
and what they 
prefer for food in their feeders.

Cardinals:  black sunflower seeds
Gold Finches:  nyjer seed
Blue Birds:  meal worms


Hawks:  small song birds
Sit in it, 
(in the middle of the Buffet),
and they will come?

Maybe if I hide behind the Ornamental Grass
they will come BACK!

The young'un seems to think
he's hit the
Snack Bar


Judy said...

Ugh. I've quit feeding the birds. Even though I was told that hawks never kill for fun, just for food, I couldn't bear to have to explain the circle of life to small children while trying to eat lunch.
Hawks are beautiful, and I wish them well, I just don't want to watch them eat!

GDad said...

I want my local hawks to switch to eating squirrels.