bennington, vt.

Friday, March 2, 2012

glasses upon their heads

I've had many an Optician frown at my glasses, as I ask them to put new lens in my old frames.

"but really, they are terribly out of style!  Look these would be soo cute on you . . ."

Yes, but MINE cover my eyes well . . .

Now that my glasses are CLEAN, I'm going to go shower the red stuff out of my hair, check to see if there are any spots I have to soak off my scrub top, I wore my crocs - so they clean easily, and due to the foot of snow - I wore jeans, so no problem.

Since it wasn't my patient I was at the foot of the bed assisting, of course I did later ambu from on top of the bed as 4 others transferred the patient to the ambulance gurney.

I like red,
but for now,
I will take it this way.

This has been the topper for the worst week EVAH.

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