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Monday, February 13, 2012


what is it but a

I have returned from the "looking glass life", although things seem almost as upside down and backwards as it was there. 

I contacted many companies (magazines, financials, insurance, etc.) to give my new (old) home address and contact info.

One sent me a letter confirming the address change and "thank you for contacting us with your new address" . . . they sent it to my Mother's house and it arrived here with a YELLOW postal tag on it with this address and a "could you please get off your butt and notify these people that you have moved!!

My new insurance kicked in last week, so AT LONG LAST, I no longer need to pay COBRA insane amounts of money.  However, even though I dutifully filled out the paperwork with all correct and pertinent information, my new card came with my Mother's address on it.  Human Resources is working on this little mystery . . . but basically they look at me and shake their collective head . . . they know, it's ME.  if anything can go wrong it will happen to me!  I have heard "we've NEVER had that happen before" so many times!  Banks, insurances, car loans, schools, any where there is a computer involved . . . I think I cause them to have seizures.


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Rudee said...

I'm quite sure the computer is NOT wrong...but the human inputting the data? Yeah. That.

I hope you get things straightened out, soon. Congrats on the end of COBRA.