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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

strange Adventures

I feel strange being home,
at work,
my fellow orientee and I have taken to counting
"broken necks" . . .
The conference room is on
the main floor off a busy hallway.
It has a door with a window
and I sit directly across from it. 
The "broken necks" are all the people who peek in as they walk by and then do spectacular double takes.  Monday we were up to 21, when the maintenance man almost did a back flip and then just stood there gaping. 
The questions
1.  Why are YOU in orientation?
I was gone for 2 years.
2.  2 Years?  Really?
Dec. 2009.
3.  You still have to work nights?
I prefer nights, actually.

thanks Mary

Team Work

I do basic orientation, (fire safety, lift use, policy/procedure, etc.), for 5 days.  Then I start the Night Schedule with orientation . . . for one night.  The Director of Nursing wanted to know if that was okay.  Sure, no problem, if I need help, they won't leave me flapping in the wind!

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Rudee said...

I transferred from one department to another in the same corporation with no lag in service and still had to do the onboarding class. I likened it to torture and called it water boarding. It was an awful week.

Hang in there!