bennington, vt.

Friday, August 5, 2011

solemn tone

One object is not
like the others
 . . . and it's mine I tell you!  ALL mine!

Short term memory is fast slipping away.

Expected friends came to visit today . . .
he has since asked MANY times when they are coming.
He has asked about my MD appointment several times
I just answer again.

What's for dessert?
Can we have a Dairy Queen?
Okay, that one had me. 
He was never that big on DQ. 
" Did you just see a commercial for DQ?"
I don't know, I don't remember?

My Brother came to visit
with his daughter
Are you going to Wendy's for dessert?
"Why?  Did you want a Frosty?"
I don't know, I just want dessert.

This is a man who had already had
an ice cream sundae
a root beer float

What the Hell!
Let's all have Dessert! 

Sweet Dreams,


Rudee said...

Only one margarita? Better stock up.

On a more serious note...I hope you're getting help.

Rudee said...

And I meant help with your duties here...not help with the Margaritas.

Judy said...

Oh, my. This is SOOO not going to be fun for you.
I remember my dad sneaking in a call to me to inform me that my mom had served him THREE dishes of ice cream in a one hour period.
Of course, he did not want to offend her, so he ate them all.
You do need help. Be sure to ask for it.