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Saturday, March 5, 2011

see you safe

Pepper, just last week,
 now back to your previously scheduled snow.

Busy day, yesterday, but a lot was accomplished.

1.  Benefits were indeed reinstated and are retroactive.
     a.  Oh yeah, we meant to take that all out of this week's pay check, but I miss filed the paperwork, oh yeah, and it will be less then originally calculated.  Ok, as long as it goes all the way back to January 23.

2.  BC/BS  is going to cover my medical testing last month.
     a.  They refused, originally, because I had no coverage at the time.  They were very nice, and without a quibble.

3.  CPAP Equipment Co., 3 months and still waiting for ANYTHING.
     a.  The New England branch did the transfer paperwork wrong, have you called them?
          1)  I contacted you in my approved local equipment co., which should make it easier since you are the same national company.
          2)  They faxed you the incorrect paperwork THAT day.
          3)  I mailed you the prescription from the M.D. that day.
          4)  Have you called New England to let them know the paperwork was wrong?
          5)  It's been 3 months and I have received and heard nothing from you.
          6)  When I called in Dec. I told you I'd had no new equipment for almost a year.  (delays in getting a doctor on my part, tweens everything else in my life!)
     b.  I'll call you back.  Have you received any equipment.  No, No, No . . .  sigh.
     c.  Called back, supposedly fixed.  We'll see.

4.  Chipped away some more on a required 2 HOUR online compliance inserviceMy parents will verify the boredom, dullness, and snooze factor in this, and of course they can't watch TV while I'm complying.

5.  Saved an unleashed dog that thought, for some reason, it was a good idea to attack my dogs as we went for our walk. 
    a.  Jack went into protect Mommy mode.  Kill!
    b.  Pepper, (temporarily), went into her "I hate DOGS" mode.
    c.  and Yes, I stuck my hand in there and grabbed the Offender's back by the fur as I called off my two.
        1)  this was made easier by the fact that my two had effectively hog tied the attacker with their "zip line" leads.
   d.  returned the Offender to its apologetic owner as I continued to untangle its legs and my two calmly/quietly/politely sat there.
        2)  No bites on my two or me, and one VERY contrite Offender, although it did go for a last growl . . . once inside its own home.  

Yes, much was accomplished.    

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