bennington, vt.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Friday, Dad had been sounding progressively more hoarse and to have a productive, ("juicy"), cough.

Friday night Dad did not turn enough to grasp the kitchen chair before he sat and missed it.  He's been complaining about his side ever since.  (Bruising finally came up Monday.)

Monday he decided it was time to go to the Doctor, but was not willing to give up his Mexican Restaurant Day to go.  (Yes, we could have gone the next day . . . like we did last week, because of the snow.) 

Tuesday the Doctor confirmed a lung infection, possible rib crack, (x-rays were difficult to read), and that I had actually lifted 250 lbs off the floor, (not the 240lbs I thought).

So, antibiotic, continue with guaifenesin, and booked for a Bone Scan . . . should be fun.
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