bennington, vt.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

must have been changed

ch, ch, ch, changes
this and that

I started thinking about how things have changed here in the last 6 months.

Prior to my coming, they were quite self sufficient. Dad was a bit scary driving, but other then his unsteadiness and, (ultimately), falling . . .often, they did well.

Mom had her stroke in December and Dad had his in February.

me myself and . . .
-avoid getting run over by Dad, on the scooter, as we grocery shop . . . I do all the grocery shopping.

-listen to make sure Dad is OK in the shower . . . assist with shower . . . I bathe Dad in the shower, dry, and dress.

-play the assistant while Dad does the banking . . . I run all the bank errands.
and that . . . and that

-I chauffeur Dad to all his appointments and Mom to most, (for communication purposes).

-I assist Dad anytime he leaves or enters the house, climbs or descends stairs, in or out of the car/kitchen chair/restaurant chair/etc.

-I pull the weights each week on the Grandfather clock and maintain the cars.

I am the "beck and call girl" for most all things.

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