bennington, vt.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

foolish things

a prickly subject

The ridiculous . . . my parent's friends who are not in the know, who think I am home for my own (poor) financial reasons, and want to know why I haven't put my home up for sale, since I am sponging off my parents.  (My finances were fine, until I left my terrific job and moved in here.)  It's is a great aggravation to me, (especially since I keep hearing it, snidely,  from the same ones) . . . but it is well tempered by their many many friends who are in the know, and say often that they appreciate my presence and care for Mom and Dad. 


Judy said...

In MY book, you are a SAINT!

And I mean this from the bottom of my orphaned heart.


Alice said...

Thank you Judy, as always you are most kind. You had your share, I know.

How are you holding up? Good to know they are together now, but still must be hard for you.


painted maypole said...

why don't mom and dad set them straight? yeesh.

Alice said...

It's usually in a "busy" situation with too many distractions, so Mom usually misses IT.

Dad "gets" the "sell your house" bit, and has actually sputtered back . . . "because it's HER HOME!"

Kudos for Dad, unfortunately he is definetly starting to move further into left field. As always, he has good days and bad days.

Sue said...

Sic Jack on them! OK, you're a better person than I am, so just sic Pepper on them.

Why is it that some people feel that it's okay to make snide comments about others' misfortunes? You're not there because of some financial catastrophe in your own life, but if you were, that makes it okay in what way? Argh.

At least you know, and your parents know, and their less-nasty friends know, why you're doing what you're doing.