bennington, vt.

Friday, May 3, 2013

see it pop

It's baseball season.
Mom is very faithful to her Detroit Tigers . . .
but also watches all the California teams . . .
let's throw in the Ohio teams too.

I, who do not watch ANY sports, have learned her preferences for the various seasons, (Nascar, college football, skiing, snow boarding, street boarding, gymnastics, swimming, diving, bull riding, and ballroom dancing), and therefore what to search for on the TV schedule.

The dogs, usually have very little interest when she is in the Den watching TV, until today.
I had run out of the Condo to help a neighbor with an emergency situation and I am sure the dogs picked up on the urgency of the phone call I had received.
When I came back, she regaled me with tales, of how they both climbed up on the chair to snuggle.
She asked me to put Jack back up with her, and then accepted when I offered to pop her usual game time Popcorn.

Next thing I know she's offering it to Jack.  Then she's amused that he's waiting for his next bite.  Then she's slightly taken aback when she sets the bag down and he offers to get his own out of the bag.

I told her, she's in for it now.  Every bag is going to have his name on it . . . as far as HE is concerned.

From now on, she will have company when she watches her games!

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