bennington, vt.

Friday, May 18, 2012

into the dark water

Dark water indeed . . .

Rain and more rain.

The wet does make it difficult to get anything done outside, and if I even get the lawn mowed . . . it just needs to be mowed again the day after next!

 I guess the swans out on the river like it
 Awfully pretty, isn't he?
Like a watery Monet painting


Judy said...


Rudee said...

Beautiful photos.

I hate to tell's gorgeous in Detroit (the weather, that is).

Alice said...

8 am, after work, standing in the rain, in my scrubs, praying that that isn't a tick tickling my leg . . . Yeah it was worth it.

Detroit has its points . . . Jazz Fest and the rest of my family!

Alice said...

Hi to Nebraska too!

can't forget the extended family!