bennington, vt.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Begin at the Beginning

Closed  my house and put it into the care of wonderful friends. 
Acquired a leave of absence from the very understanding management at my job. 
Was given great advice on my resume and interview tactics for the job hunt ahead.
My sister-in-law sped up from the Big Easy to give me a chance to get my dogs, the Christmas gifts I had bought, and a few more warm clothes.  She managed to pull that off, in an amazing feat of wonder, the weekend before Christmas.  (Tweence show rehearsals, Christmas school programs no parent can miss, getting ready for her own guests, and a thousand other things that "must be done.")
My Brother, vilified by parental church and bridge friends for having NOT come up during the hospitalization, cleared two weeks for me in January so he could be here while I completed things in New England.  (Now mind you the Nurse in the family was present during the hospitalization.  It was Advent.  He is a Minister.  It was not life and death.)  He was "re-sainted" when he graciously covered for the suddenly injured minister at my parent's church during his stay.  (I did not trip her and timing is everything.)

Whew, that was exhausting, and it's only the beginning.



painted maypole said...

hello there. :)

alice in wonderland


through the lookingglass

do I win a prize?

oh, I already have.

you. ;)

Alice said...

Well done, did you need the clue?

painted maypole said...

probably not ;)